Turn off xfinity wifi business plan


Turn off xfinity wifi business plan

Get your fucking shit together or fucking close shop!! Nov 25, by moffetcat on Fuck You Comcast! No connectivity Comcast is a monopoly in my MA town.

We have had barely any connectivity since Wed. Internet goes up and down by the second, DVR restarts intermittently, and the phone cuts out. Tech came to my place today, farted around and said everything is fine.

Is anybody out there? Comcast, are you listening?

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Nov 24, by Mr on Fuck You Comcast! And they are giving me lie after lie about getting it refunded. Comcast hater I haven't been able to watch a Flyers game all season no matter what channel it's on.

It is always blacked out even when it's on NBC Sports channel nationwide????? We take care of some disabled people and for years had 6 comcast accounts.

On the phone every month with comcast fixing something. Now im down to one comcast account. Next day he said he said he had check in hand and would deliver. I wish i could find a comcast sucks bumper sticker.

Nov 19, by Brie on Fuck You Comcast!

turn off xfinity wifi business plan

Well, dish doesn't count They've bought out every potential competitor that has come in for decades. No wifi, no cable at least times a month.

Feds block mergers on companies that DO have competition but let these assholes completely run this town. How they have been able to get away with this for so long completely eludes me.

Good luck everybody, no competition, no resolution. You know who gets networking? Be prepared to try three times, play half of your program, and then have it be unplayable. Nov 17, by Z on Fuck You Comcast!

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Why do they need to cut my connection literally every night? They take forever to reestablish a connection with, upwards of 15 minutes!!

E Mail issues I received a message when logging on e mail. That I was required to chat or call Comcast for a password reset. After being hung on once.


I called back only to be taken through a very confusing conversation of first finding the e mail account then prolonged verification. After one hour I had to be switched to another department and I've been on hold for 2.

I have no choice if I want my e mail back that I've had for 20 years. Over the years I have not had one easy conversation to solve a problem.Xfinity takes you back to school with Black Film & TV on Xfinity On Demand.

Just say, “HBCU” into your X1 Voice Remote to catch HBCU football games and Classics, watch your favorite Black college films and TV shows, and get a look into Greek life. In Denver it's comcast or nothing. (Well, dish doesn't count) They've bought out every potential competitor that has come in for decades.

No wifi, no cable at least times a month. I bought this cable modem router based on the previous good reviews and the compatibility to be used with Xfinity from Comcast. The setup and connection with Comcast was super fast and easy, the features for built in to program the router to your settings is a .

Apr 06,  · Comcast has been rumored to be interested in launching its own wireless service for years, and it confirmed the speculation in It didn't explain how it . The NETGEAR AC Dual Band Cable Modem WiFi Router is designed to meet DOCSIS specifications, making it 8x faster than DOCSIS Router provides speeds of up to Gbps.

Xfinity’s TV service is better than most, but is the price worth it for you?