Shutter island versus the shining film studies essay

A relentlessly chilling mystery and a white-knuckle thriller, the film is keenly directed, superbly acted, and the cinematography perfectly captures the eerie, creepy nature of a textbook cursed, disquieting, windowless, labyrinthine mental asylum. The goal of the story is to keep viewers guessing, and while some may pride themselves with the ability to predict the twists and turns, simply watching the events unfold is so enthralling that it proves to be more entertaining than knowing how it all turns out. The only clue is a folded note under a tile, which cryptically mentions a 67th patient — the hospital houses exactly

Shutter island versus the shining film studies essay

Major spoilers are clearly marked. Chuck and Teddy explore the island and end up taking shelter from the stormy weather in a mausoleum. Dennis Lehane published this suspenseful novel in with Harper Collins. The book is set in the midth century.

His new partner Chuck is headed to the island with him via ferry, and their purpose is to search for a patient named Rachel Solando who apparently escaped from her locked room and is either hiding somewhere on the island or laying dead on one of its many sharp rock formations.

Upon arrival to the hospital, Teddy immediately becomes suspicious of the staff. Rachel must have had help in order to escape — he is convinced of it. Teddy confesses to his partner that his wife died in an apartment fire, and Laeddis was the one who started it.

Having watched the film before I read the novel, the big twists were spoiled for me. Lehane has created a very complex mystery, not necessarily comparable to but just as exhilarating as any Hitchcock film. The novel is eerie right off the bat.

Setting of a dream vacation, Shutter Island certainly is not. The characters themselves are also spectacularly crafted. He has emotional scars, which is obvious, but the level of intricacy that went into his alleged crafting of the Teddy Daniels identity is absolutely baffling.

Chuck is quite unsuspecting as well. Cawley; Max von Sydow as Dr.

Shutter island versus the shining film studies essay

A noticable difference between these two versions right off of the bat is that the island seems so much larger in the film. The island in the book almost makes the reader feel claustrophobic, as though anyone who tries to hide from the Ashecliffe staff will be quickly and easily found.

The film does, however, maintain the eeriness that Lehane so brilliantly set up through description in his novel. In the book, the note is a bit longer, is more difficult to decipher and requires more detective work by Teddy in order to figure out the puzzle.

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He seems more like a diligent worker who just wants to get the job done and is struggling along the way due to his own grief and frequent migraines. These visions are brilliantly vivid in the film and come to live even more on screen than they ever could on the page.

The art direction and cinematography of these scenes is absolutely beautiful. Overall, the film tends to stay very true to the book. Only very slight changes are made to the story — a few scenes added, a few removed as is typical of adapted films. However, I will say that some of these changes did make the ending more concrete.

I highly recommend both.Essay on Shutter Island; Essay on Shutter Island. Words Nov 27th, 4 Pages. Directed by Martin Scorsese, Shutter Island is an American mind bending thriller film based on Dennis Lehane’s novel also named Shutter Island. Leonardo DiCaprio takes the lead role as a U.S Marshall named Teddy Daniels, who along with his partner, Chuck.

The music would have audiences believe that “Shutter Island” is a horror film, and the first-person-perspective ride through the gates of Ashecliffe is like “Jurassic Park” if .

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The goal of this essay is to demonstrate the similarities and differences between Shutter Island and The Shining based on their themes of insanity, isolation, and alcoholism. The story of Shutter Island revolves around Marshall Teddy Daniels, and his partner Chuck Aule, and their journey to a remote and barren island to investigate the.

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An increased number of candidates chose to write their Higher English essay on a media text – with popular choices including several horrors or films which deploy horror tropes, such as The Shining, The Sixth Sense, Psycho and Shutter Island.

Shutter Island's ending explained Forget Inception; Leonardo DiCaprio's previous film, Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island, confused just as many cinemagoers. David Cox investigates the curious.

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