Research papers on downsizing

According to online encyclopedia http: In fact, three million jobs were lost between and Mishra et al. Downsizing has become almost a way of life for U. Typically, the first round of job cuts are followed by a second round of cuts a short time later.

Research papers on downsizing

This is one reason why many excellent companies do everything possible to avoid layoffs.

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However, even the most employee-friendly companies may deal with difficult economic conditions by reducing their workforce. Companies therefore have to ensure that they develop appropriate and well thought-out plans before implementing the downsizing and layoff process.

Downsizing Layoffs, frequently called downsizing, describe the process in which companies Research papers on downsizing temporarily or indefinitely a number of employees from their payrolland have become significant characteristic of working life in developed countries. The general purpose of this practice is to reduce the organization's burden of excess labor costs when human resources cannot be used effectively.

It's a puzzle companies of all sizes face in the current economy: Lay off a portion of the staff to save the majority of jobs, or keep everyone and lose money. The reasons why the company downsizes are related to dramatic changes occurring in the environment and are very varied.

Often share prices will rise after a major downsizing, because the company is perceived as "doing something. Often there are "downsizing stampedes" in an industry. Globalization and the breakdown of trade barriers among nations and the emergence of technology and automation have also necessitated the company to downsize.

Thus, the overriding rationale for downsizing by the company appears to be the need for survival and the ability to compete in the new global economy Human cost: Downsized employees usually do not get new jobs at their old salaries; in fact, the older an employee is the longer he may have to wait to get any job at all.

Companies who have downsized usually end up replacing people in those positions, but at lower salaries -- in other words, they have replaced older, more experienced employees with younger employees who do are willing to work for less.

Those who have been downsized may never recover emotionally or financially. Studies have also shown that employees who are retained also suffer: Workers who saw the organization as a family feel lost without their familiar networks.

There was more fraud among workers who survived downsizing, and increased distrust of management. For a while they may work harder because they are scared of being laid off, but sooner or later they may wish they had been.

Some may even try to sabotage the company. Downsizing is never an easy decision. There is an inherent conflict between protecting the company's interests and that of employees.Downsizing has become an extremely popular strategy in today’s business environment.

Companies began downsizing in the late ’s to cut costs and improve the bottom line (Mishra et al., ). Examining the Incidence of Downsizing and Its Effect on Establishment Performance Peter Cappelli.

NBER Working Paper No. Issued in June NBER Program(s):Labor Studies. The interest in examining job security and job stability has been driven in part by the phenomenon of downsizing. The distinctiveness of downsizing, as opposed to more. Free Online Research Papers is made possible by people like you submitting and commenting on research papers, research articles, book reviews, poetry, and creative writing pieces.

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Research papers on downsizing

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