Harley davidson strategic business plan

Shareholder request for special committee to seek strategic alternatives for Donnelley Financial Solutions the "Company" Dear Members of the Board: We appreciate the recent investor day you held in New York. However, as evident in the continued decline of your stock, the market and shareholders are not impressed with the progress or management's ability to communicate a clear path forward.

Harley davidson strategic business plan

The Harley Davidson business model is truly unique. At its core, perhaps, one could say that they sell motorcycles and so this effectively makes them a retail business. Although true, what is remarkable about the success of Harley Davidson is that it came without any vision or strategy whatsoever.

Harley davidson strategic business plan

In the s, Harley Davidson hovered near bankruptcy. Cheap imported motorcycles made it impossible to compete. In the days of World War II, everyone was embracing the brand. Just years later, people were avoiding it. From to the s, owning a Harley Davidson was considered stupid at best.

Harley Davidson would reach out to their customers and get their feedback. Staff would attend motorcycle rallies and interview customers one-on-one to discover why the ownership experience was so negative. Many volunteered their weekends to accomplish this task and the end result was a lot of verbal abuse… and a lot of useable feedback.

Instead of ignoring the negative stereotypes this time, the s version of Harley Davidson decided to do something about it. They began to incorporate some of the changes that current owners said would make the ownership better. The end result was that people began to take notice of the new bikes.


Harley Davidson began to grace the covers of industry media once again. Sometimes a Radical Change Can Create Radical Revenues Harley Davidson needed to prove to the industry at large that they had taken the feedback of their customers seriously.

Pictures might speak a thousand words, but riding a bike to experience it first-hand speaks a million words. The Harley Davidson business model needed to give people a trial of the product to see if they liked it.

Harley Davidson took the new bikes back out to those same rallies where their staff was abused. Flashing a motorcycle license gave someone a 15 mile test ride.

Harley davidson strategic business plan

They also changed the message of their marketing, focusing on the passion of the customer instead of the craftsmanship of the bike. The results were amazing. Sales turned around immediately and inHarley Davidson became a brand of the year. Now when people talk about Harley Davidson, they talk about the distinctive noise the bike makes and how that relates to the Americana experience.

One lesson above all can be learned from the Harley Davidson business model: Sometimes customers can be rude, mean, and unapologetic. The moment Harley Davidson started listening was the moment customers started paying attention.

Now Harley Davidson speaks a message of freedom.

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Do not mistake this Template for doing all of the work.

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Harley Davidson the company, before I start to tell you about the brand management of Harley Davidson, I would like to tell you a little about Harley Davidson.

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Harley-Davidson: Strategic Business Plan Summary of Strategic Direction CEO's Mission and Values Corporate Goals Stakeholder's Interests and Needs. Feb 07,  · In fact, sales of new Harley-Davidson motorcycles to outreach customers in the U.S. has grown at a CAGR of 5% between , and retail sales to outreach customers now represent 40% of the volume sales, up from 34% in A strategic plan is a document that establishes the direction of a company or work unit.

It can be a single page or fill up a binder, depending on the size and complexity of the business and work.

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