Eugenics in star trek

World War III was fought in an era where various factions were known to control their military with narcotics.

Eugenics in star trek

Edit The origins of the Augments were said to Eugenics in star trek been traced to a group of international scientists, such as Dr. Heisenwho worked during the s - s who had laboratories in Haiti and Pakistan as well as Chad along with their headquarters in North Yemen.

These progenitors of a super race worked in the poorest countries on Earth as it was easy to bribe the officials into silence, take and hire human guinea pigs for their work.

Unknown to him at the time, but Ralph Offenhouse supplied this cabal with equipment from electron microscopes to computers, drugs and even chemicals which broke export regulations and smuggling laws. The goal was the creation of a race of superhuman beings, and the program was based on the previous work accomplished by the Nazis with the Lebensborn project.

Unspoken Truth However, the projects goal whilst successful in breeding a superrace, they led to the creation of genetically engineered madmen that sought to dominate their non modified brethren.

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According to the journal of one of the scientists that were responsible for the creation of the Augments, "superior ability breeds superior ambition". This log was written shortly before he was killed by his own creations.

The supermen were noted as being horrible despots that treated their unaltered human subjects as slaves and as a lower class. Forming the Augment Allianceone of the chief leaders of this government was Stavos Keniclius who was second only to Khan himself.

This led to the destruction of Khan Singhs military and after the battle, the members of the Great Khanate splintered into dozens of factions that fought one another.

This allowed the nations of Earth to hunt down the Augment leaders one by one which brought about an end to their tyrannical reign. The last of these warlords was Khan Noonien Singh who was deposed but instead of being killed or captured; he managed to flee with eighty of his comrades in a sublight transport for parts unknown.

These spouses and children would be preyed upon by society who would execute them for the crimes committed by the various supermen. However, some managed to flee with their children and went into hiding in locations such as the Sahara Reclamation Zone and Alaska.

By the sthey were stored in an Earth Starfleet facility known as Cold Station This eventually led to altering themselves into a vastly different species who called themselves the Neyel.

The Sundered The Augment Crisis Edit In the 22nd century a scientist, Dr Arik Soongworking at Cold Station 12where the 20th century augment embryos were stored, saw potential in augmentation and decided to continue the development of the program and managed to escape with several of the embryos.

He raised them as his children until he was captured by United Earth Starfleet. A decade later, these children sparked the Augment Crisis that nearly incited a full-scale war between the Klingon Empire and the relatively new interstellar power of United Earth.

The Augments once again attempted to make a break for power and showed that they had no trouble with committing genocide on other worlds to achieve their goals.

They and the remainder of the eighteen hundred 20th century embryos were killed when the United Earth Starfleet starship Enterprise destroyed their captured Bird-of-prey.

Using gene therapy based on Augment DNA they obtained from the wreckage of the Bird-of-Prey the Human Augments had commandeered, they attempted to create their own augments.

Eugenics in star trek

Their experiments were initially successful in increasing strength and intelligence, but did have two side effects: One of the test subjects had Levodian fluand the virus combined with the Augment DNA to create an airborne plague that quickly spread throughout the empire, infecting billions of Klingons and causing them to lose their ridges.

All of the infected Klingons would have eventually died, but fortunately for them, a cure was developed by the Klingon Antaak and Dr Phlox of the Earth starship Enterprise. Whilst the cure prevented the deaths of many Klingons, it did leave them ridgeless, an effect which would be passed onto their children.

He was stopped and exiled along with his warriors by his Rustaai -cousin Emperor of the Klingon Empire Grannoch. Presumably, they were executed for their attempted coup against the ruler of the Klingon Empire. Enterprise Romulans Edit The Romulan Star Empire attempted their own eugenics program in the s which resulted in the Hellguard colony.

The survivors of this abandonment were rescued by Spock in Almost continuously since , multiple companies have published Star Trek comic books with varying degrees of success. These companies include Gold Key Comics, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Malibu Comics, Wildstorm, and IDW Publishing.

Star Trek: Enterprise is the only Trek TV series that has not been adapted in comic book form. Nov 26,  · Many unanswered questions remain about the terrible Eugenics Wars that raged on Earth during the s, an apocalyptic conflict that brought civilization to the brink of a new dark age.

The Enterprise comes across the SS Botany Bay, an ancient Earth spaceship from the 20th century traveling through deep space with a group of genetically engineered humans in suspended animation (a remnant from Earth's Eugenics Wars of the s). Below is an abridged timeline of events established in the group of television shows and feature films set in the Star Trek universe.

Many dates are estimates as the various shows and films are not consistent in their use of dates. More exhaustive timelines are available in both Star Trek reference works and on various fan websites.

Eugenics in star trek

History Edit. World War III was fought in an era where various factions were known to control their military with narcotics.(TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint") Among the parties involved was the Eastern Coalition (also referred to as "the ECON"), whose direct attacks included those against the United States of America.(Star Trek: First Contact) In , at the start of the war, Colonel Phillip.

When the original series of Star Trek was produced, the s were considered the distant future, and so various elements of the backstory to Star Trek are set in that era, particularly the Eugenics Wars. The references to the Eugenics Wars and to a nuclear war in the 21st century are somewhat contradictory.

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