Dissertation on math achievement

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Dissertation on math achievement

Teacher professional development PDin particular, has been at the center of efforts aimed at improving teaching practice and the mathematics learning of students.

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However, empirical evidence for the effectiveness of PD for improving student achievement is mixed and there is limited research-based knowledge about the features of effective PD not only in mathematics but also in other subject areas. Results of hierarchical growth models for this study revealed that content-focused Algebra1 and Geometryongoing PD was effective for improving student achievement relative to a matched comparison group in Algebra1 both for high and low performing students and in Geometry for low performing students only.

By demonstrating an effect of PD on student achievement, this study contributes to our growing knowledge base about features of PD programs that appear to contribute to their effectiveness. Moreover, it provides a case study showing how the research design might contribute in important ways to the ability to detect an effect of PD -if one exists- on student achievement.

For example, given the data I had from the district, I was able to examine student growth within all Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 courses, while matching classrooms on aggregate student characteristics and school contexts.

Findings of this study have implications for educational practitioners and policymakers in their efforts to design and support effective PD programs in mathematics, and these features likely transfer to the design of PD in all subject areas.

Dissertation on math achievement

Moreover, for educational researchers this study suggests potential strategies for demonstrating robust research-based evidence for the effectiveness of PD on student learning.A Comparison of Inclusion and Pullout Programs on Student Achievement for Students with Disabilities _____ A dissertation presented to.


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Brown A dissertation presented in partial fulfillment.

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