Conformity vs individuality

Types of conformity A. Publicly acting in accord with social pressure while privately disagreeing.

Conformity vs individuality

KnittingSomethingDifferent This was an English assignment and as the title suggests it discusses a theme in Fahrenheit It was probably relatively recently. Today, Americans unreservedly discuss politics.

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However, a few centuries ago, this very action that escapes contemplation in modern times was punishable by death. There were two options: This very theme, conformity versus individuality, is prevalent not only in today's world but in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit Governments receive their power through the people.

Those who willingly accept the government's actions are essentially granting power and governing privileges to the authority. Thus, conformity is a source of power. By attempting to procure for people everlasting joy through the implementation of mindless entertainment, the government attempts to control people.

The government of Fahrenheit also strives to achieve this goal by removing anything that could potentially cause discontent Conformity vs individuality the population. This leaves people in a state of blissful ignorance in which people do not realize the extent of the government's control and brainwashing.

Those who fall prey to this are like, "The faces of saints in a strange church Their state of not thinking gives the government control. Governments will lose control of a society with books and education. The "Quality [and] texture of information," 84 contained within book will ensure the common people comprehend the events that are transpiring around them.

The people's, "Strength [will be] incredible so long as [they] are firmly rooted in Earth," 83 and knowledge. Oppositely, when knowledge is detached and, "Are held, rootless, in midair People are able to defend themselves when clinging to knowledge.

Afghani women are experiencing this issue. Islamic culture forbids disobeying one's mother. Because one requires the consent of one's mother to join the Taliban, the Taliban rebuts the construction of girl's schools.

Conformity vs individuality

They believe if mothers knew the of the horrific deeds committed by them, the mothers may prevent sons from joining the Taliban. Another example of this problem is Mildred who conforms to her government's fancies.

Upon discovering an object dubbed detrimental to society, her first reaction is to, "Run towards the kitchen incinerator," She is the product of her society: Mildred discusses superficial topics with her friends and 'family' using a mere sliver of her brain and potential. She falls into the trap set by the administration of not thinking meanwhile permitting the government's power to increase exponentially.

Others, who have learned to think outside of society's believed protective bubble, have the potential to overthrow the government.


Clarisse, for instance, does not enjoy brainlessly gawking at the television. Instead, Clarisse prefers to, "Smell things and look at things and sometimes, stay up all night, walking, and watch the sunrise," 7.

Those who are similar to Clarisse would prefer to learn and synthesize information that stare at the television and are considered threats to the government.

The power to overthrow the government belongs to those who exhibit characteristics comparable to those belonging to Clarisse. They are able to comprehend events developing around them and think critically.

The government apprehends that people may realize the astronomical amount of constitutionally granted rights being infringed upon. Should "books [and the knowledge contained therein] get [them] half out of the cave," Conformity Vs individuality.

Though many struggle to be there own person. Many struggle to decide things on there are all different, but most of us are the same, because of conformity.

Conformity is the easy way of things.

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Following the leader is the natural way of humans. For an example take Germany during World War II. Conformity Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers.

"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth." - . Deadly conformity is killing our creativity. Let's mess about more Henry Porter. People's lives would be more fulfilling if they were given greater freedom in the workplace.

Aug 15,  · Individualism in this sense (as opposed to political individualism) simply means that whatever you decide to believe in, and to be, and to say, and to show to the world, is consistent and that you have the moral certainty that you are not doing or being just for the sake of Resolved.

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