Classroom management philosophy essay

I believe that if students are in a safe environment, then learning can take place. Having the right environment for all students to learn is my major goal of implementing good classroom management--without it the students would not be able to learn.

Classroom management philosophy essay

Writing a teaching philosophy will take some deep thought, reflection, and time. These strategies will assist you to create a new statement that effectively communicates your beliefs and thoughts on discipline and classroom management. Don't have time to learn how to write your teaching statement?

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Did you know that more than half of the teachers feel they spend too much time on classroom discipline? Behavior management problems take critical time away from teaching and learning.

Consequently, classroom behavior management is a key objective of educators such as school principals under pressure to increase reading, writing and math scores.

This statement should demonstrate how your classroom behavior management approach will help your school control and manage this costly burden on academic performance. If written correctly, a Philosophy of Discipline Statement could be the most powerful tool in your teaching portfolio.

Classroom management philosophy essay

Classroom management philosophy essay may have the best teaching methods, advanced classroom technology, and a stellar curriculum, but if you cannot control behavior in your classroom, you will not be an effective teacher. Educators want to know what your philosophy of discipline is; in other words, how you intend to deal with behavior management in your classroom.

Whether you are a new teacher or one with experience, you can communicate this by writing an excellent Philosophy of Discipline essay. It is imperative for every teacher to have a well thought out behavior management plan for classroom discipline before taking a teaching position.

Just like every business needs a good business plan, a good Philosophy of Discipline will guide you through problems encountered while teaching. Align Your Philosophy of Discipline With the School District Mission Statement The best behavior management plans show that you have very carefully thought through the process you will put into place in the classroom.

You should be aware of the school policies and procedures to ensure that your management techniques fit well with them.

For example, you should not put after-school detention into your plan if the school does not allow it. Schools often publish their Philosophy of Discipline for parents to view.

Communicate how you develop self-discipline and apply positive redirection in the classroom. Include All Stakeholders in Behavior Management Your Philosophy of Discipline should cover not only how to deal with students, but also with parents and other administrators when discipline issues arise.

This information shows that you have carefully considered all aspects of the behavior management process. When writing your Philosophy of Discipline, you will want to be sure to explain how your philosophy includes these key stakeholders in a child's education. Complement Your Teaching Methods and Practices While there are many different philosophies of behavior management, it is important to have a carefully planned and executable plan.

It's easy for most people to teach under ideal circumstances; however, teaching is challenging, and a challenging classroom is where the best teachers excel. In your philosophy, you should include your own ideas and expectations for managing the classroom.

Take the time to ensure you are up-to-date on classroom discipline management practices. Reflect the Discipline Needs of Your Classroom It is important to gear your philosophy to several levels of jobs; consider the primary, middle grade, junior high school, and high school levels. After all, you wouldn't treat children in first grade the same as those in upper grades.

Classroom management philosophy essay

If you intend to teach only high school, then your philosophy should only address high school.My philosophy on classroom management is first learning and knowing the different rolls that a teacher plays on an everyday basis.

I didn't know until this class that a 4/4(1). Essay about My Philosophy of Classroom Management - A. Theoretical Introduction Philosophy of classroom management My philosophy on classroom management is a very simple one, first and most important, each teacher creates the weather in the classroom.

Teachers, the executives of classroom management, own the management and quality level adapted to modern society are the effective ways of the classroom management (Zhao, ). Motivation of the Study Previous research had been made on the effect of . Abstract My classroom management philosophy is a constant work in progress, but based off of personal experiences and major management theorists I have developed a basic philosophy to guide me through student teaching and the early years as a teacher.

A. Create a philosophical statement that embodies your thoughts on classroom management, referencing one classroom management theory that supports your personal philosophy. B. Provide classroom expectations and rules that are supported by an evidence-based strategy. Classroom Management Philosophy Essay.

Theoretical Introduction I believe in a structured and nurturing environment for my classroom. I follow the adage, “there is a time and place for everything,” and in my classroom, there will be a time to learn and a time to play.

If I set the boundaries in my classroom early on, with reasonable.

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