Aardvark research paper

Brian Pillar Our experiment revolved around a question. What differences exist between coniferous and deciduous trees?

Aardvark research paper

What happens once plastic goes into the ocean? The world's oceans are drowning in plastic. Studies have shown that roughly nine million tons of plastic from land end up in the oceans every year, the equivalent of dump truck full of plastic every minute.

If we don't slow this rate, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by Today, discarded plastic is found in almost every marine habitat on Earth.

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Sea turtles are known to ingest it because they mistake it for food. Birds, like albatrosses, swallow it by accident because they skim the ocean and pick up plastic when they hunt. Plastic can kill animals when it gets lodged in their throats or stuck in their stomachs, which leads them to stop eating and starve to death.

The frequency of these incidents is increasing. As ofall known species of sea turtle, 54 percent of all marine mammal species, and 56 percent of all seabird species have been affected by entanglement or ingestion. The impact of debris on marine life. Is there plastic in the fish we eat? There isn't a ton of existing scientific research to help answer this question yet.

However, for a study that was published in Scientific Reports, experts examined fish from seafood markets in Indonesia and the U. About a quarter of the fish the researchers purchased had some form of garbage in their guts, including plastic fragments and textile fibers.

Other research has shown that ingesting plastic can also lead to a build-up of hazardous chemicals in fish over time. Anthropogenic debris in seafood.

Scientific Reports, 5, article no.

Aardvark research paper

Do we know if ingesting plastic is harmful to humans? Scientists are trying to find out. It is a fact that most humans have been exposed to plastic and that it is showing up in our bodies. For example, the Centers for Disease Control found BPA bisphenol-Aa common compound used in the manufacture of plastics, in the urine of nearly all of more than 2, participants in a nationwide study of Americans over the age of six.

The best solution for us and for wildlife going forward is to keep this stuff out of the environment in the first place.Research Paper Topics; LOOKING FOR THE AARDVARK is a rather brutal work insofar as it exposes the dark side of “traditional family values.”.

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Aardvark research paper

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